About Us

Come, join us for a stroll down the quirky Bohemian lanes, embellished with our vibrant, free-spirited Boho jewelry!

Here at Boho Pulse, we are all set to pep you up with that Bohemian vibe you so desire. Our myriad collection of Boho-style earrings, neck pieces, rings, bracelets, anklets, body wear and accessories has been hand-picked by a bunch of maverick stylists, who are globe-trotters coming from an assortment of countries. Our stylists are unfettered by worldly norms and conventions, and present to you the boldest Bohemian pieces discovered on our travels around the globe.

Boho Pulse aims to mesmerize you with our vivacious and funky art jewelry and be your style guide for embracing those enviable avant-garde looks! All of this, without burning a hole in your pockets.

Our One-Stop-Boho-Shop strives to offer something for every mood, vibe and occasion.

Order now and let your heart pulsate with Boho Pulse!